Equal Voice tracking women running in the 2019 federal election

Equal Voice will be tracking women running in the federal election, offering its members a chance to see, at a glance the women candidates in their riding, their province and how many each party has put forward.

There are a lot, but frankly there should be more. They deserve all the support and encouragement we have to offer. 

"There will be a significant quote from me here," said Equal Voice Executive Director Eleanor Fast. "Unless EV's normal spokesperson is its president, in which case the quote will be from her."

There will be a list of actions and possible 'asks' for the election initiative which will be in a bullet list.

  • The asks will be considered and rational
  • They will make total sense in this climate of so-called populist politics
  • They will be made forcefully but with a view to being acceptable.
  • The actions will be do-able, the goals winnable.

After that, there will be a concluding paragraph of a sort.

Help us make it happen.

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