OTTAWA – With all polls now counted and reported, Equal Voice is concluding its first look at the numbers relating to women’s representation in the newly elected Alberta legislature.


Out of 87 seats, 26 will be held by women, resulting in 30% of the legislature being represented by women, with 15 with the UCP and 11 with the NDP. The overall number of women elected to the Alberta legislature decreased slightly from 28 to 26 (33% to 30%). Alberta will be welcoming 14 women to the legislature for the first time. 12 will sit with the prevailing UCP, and 2 with the NDP in Official Opposition. Alberta remains ahead of seven provinces and territories, as well as the federal government, in terms of women’s representation in the elected legislature.


More women ran as candidates in the Alberta election than in 2015 – up to nearly 39% from 36%. This number puts Alberta behind other recent provincial elections in Canada in terms of gender representation at the nomination level, including B.C. (43%), Quebec (48%), and Ontario (46%). 


This election in Alberta saw many women from across the political spectrum running in ridings that would be generally considered as “winnable” for their given political party. For instance, the soon-to-govern UCP saw more than half of their women candidates run in ridings where the Wildrose and PC combined vote would have prevailed in 2015 or come within 10-points of winning. This is in contrast to the trend in Canadian politics where women are seen to run in ridings where they are less likely to win, based on previous election results. That being said, men were still more likely than women to run in winnable ridings across the province and political spectrum.


As many have noted, Alberta’s election repeats the all-too-familiar pattern in Canada of women Premiers being unable to secure more than a single term. With Premier Rachel Notley handing over the keys to Government House soon, no women will be represented at the First Minister’s Conference table.


Equal Voice congratulates all women that put their name on the ballot in this election. We look forward to working with elected members of all political stripes in the Alberta legislature.


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