Equal Voice and MC2 Publicly Test AI Chatbot "Evie"

Ottawa, October 18th, 2019 – Equal Voice, Canada’s only national, bilingual, multi-partisan organization dedicated to electing more women to all levels of political office in Canada, and technology startup MC2, are excited to announce that “Evie” the world’s first AI-powered women’s political action chatbot, is being publicly tested for the first time as a get out the vote tool for women candidates seeking election on Monday, October 21st.


Evie is a Facebook Messenger bot designed to provide Canadians with the opportunity to help candidates running for office in their communities, and in turn share their contributions with friends and family. Canadians are invited to search for a local woman candidate and complete easy “microactions” for her, such as “put up a lawn sign” or “volunteer.” All of these actions combined crowdsource a woman’s campaign - and over time - supports the election of more women. 


The bot is particularly suited to get Millennials (people ages 18 - 35) engaged in women’s campaigns. 


“As a Millennial I am part of a generation of Canadians that are already politically engaged – but we communicate and build community differently,” said Nasha Brownridge, Equal Voice spokesperson and head of EV’s 2019 elections initiative. “Evie has been built for all Canadians to take action and share their efforts with their friends and with their community. Evie meets Millennials wherever we are, in the palm of our hands.”


The technology for Evie was developed by award-winning technology entrepreneur, Giovanna Mingarelli. Ms. Mingarelli, also a Millennial, is the CEO of MC2, as well as a former Parliament Hill and Equal Voice staffer. She has been invited to share her vision for MC2 at world events, such as the White House and the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos.


“In an era where accountability and transparency are critical to our democracy, Evie’s action verification and blockchain capability ensures that the information shared with the bot and it’s community is authentic and true in an effort to counter “fake news” and misleading or false content.” “We hope this will enable public-private trust and ideally, greater levels of participation in our democratic institutions,” Ms. Mingarelli noted.  

Evie is still learning. Frequently asked questions and answers will be added to Evie’s vernacular over time, as users interact with the chatbot and provide critical feedback.


Equal Voice and MC2 are committed to serving candidates and voters with a positive experience in their interactions with Evie, and therefore request patience and a collaborative spirit from people using the technology in the bot’s infancy. They are inviting women candidates across the country to share their campaign with their teams and make use of this free resource to get out the vote this weekend. Canadians are invited to find a woman they can support in their community and take action here: m.me/EqualVoiceCA.



For Information:

Nasha Brownridge, Equal Voice, National Spokesperson | [email protected] | 613-795-7868

Giovanna Mingarelli, CEO and Co-Founder, MC2 | [email protected] | 613-608-8328

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