Equal Voice releases final count of women and gender diverse candidates in this federal election

(Ottawa, O.N. – September 1, 2021) – Today, Equal Voice released an analysis on the number of women and gender diverse candidates who are running in this federal election. The nomination numbers show that the number of women and gender diverse candidates running this year is consistent with the 2019 federal election, with slight increases across some party slates. This year, Equal Voice is advocating that Canadians elect over 136 woman and gender diverse MPs to make up 40 per cent of the House of Commons overall.

Final Count of Women and Gender Diverse Candidates in Election 44

Equal Voice is pleased to see that as of Monday’s nomination deadline, the five major parties included in the 2021 Candidate Tracker have either slightly increased the number of women and gender-diverse candidates running under their banner or remained consistent with 2019 numbers. The current data shows that women and gender diverse people account for 43% of candidates nominated across the five major parties, similar to the total of 42% of women and gender diverse candidates that ran in 2019.

The Liberal Party of Canada’s slate includes 147 or 43% women candidates, a slight increase from 39% in 2019. The Conservative Party of Canada’s women candidates’ inches up slightly from 2019 with 111 women candidates or 33%, compared to 32% in 2019. The New Democratic Party has confirmed a full slate of candidates with 175 or 52% of their candidates being women or gender diverse people. The 52% is also a slight increase from the party’s 49% in 2019. The Green Party of Canada has 280 confirmed candidates to date, 44% or 123 of which are women or gender diverse people. Finally, of the Bloc Québécois’ 78 candidates across Quebec, 37 or 47% are women, another slight increase from the 45% the party nominated in 2019. 

“At Equal Voice we are pleased to see how many women and gender-diverse people are running in this federal election,” said Eleanor Fast, Equal Voice’s Executive Director. “The next step beyond the analysis of these nomination numbers is electing more women and gender diverse people on September 20. We hope to see the 44th Parliament include 40 per cent women and gender diverse MPs, making a significant stride towards the ultimate goal of parity in the House of Commons.”

Beginning prior to the election call, Equal Voice has been closely monitoring the women and gender diverse candidates who put their name on the ballot in support of one of the five major political parties during this election with their 2021 Candidate Tracker. The aim of this tracker is to begin breaking down and understanding the barriers Canada faces to achieving gender parity in Parliament is with improved monitoring of women and gender diverse candidates in federal elections. The Candidate Tracker provides an accessible resource for Canadians interested in learning more about gender parity in the 2021 Canadian federal electoral race and to easily find a candidate in their area to support in the coming weeks.  


The last Parliament concluded with 100-women MPs in the House of Commons, or 29.6% of total elected representatives in Canada’s federal Parliament. This places Canada at a dismal 55th place in the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) global rankings of women in national parliaments. Should Canadians elect over 136 women on September 20, the 40% mark would be attained in Canada and its global rank would be closer to the top 40.

“In 2021 we are making the 100th anniversary of the first woman MP being elected to the House of Commons as the last Parliament concluded with only 100 women MPs. While this is an important anniversary and milestone, it shows exactly how much further and quicker we need to go to achieve parity in the House of Commons.” Continued Fast. “Electing at least 136 women and gender diverse candidates this year and crossing the 40% mark would be a historic step in the right direction towards gender parity in Canadian politics.”

How You Can Help

Equal Voice is encouraging all Canadians to show support for women and gender diverse candidates across the country in this election by donating to their campaigns, getting involved, displaying signs, and more. Those interested in finding a women or gender diverse candidate in their area to support can start by visiting the 2021 Candidate Tracker.


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