Just over a hundred women elected federally with several ridings too close to call

(Ottawa, O.N. – September 21, 2021) – With the results of the federal election almost complete, Equal Voice is able to confirm that the number of women elected to the House of Commons remains consistent with the representation Canada has had over the past two years since the 2019 federal election. With several ridings still too close to call, the results of the election show that Canada will have between 101 and 105 women MPs, leaving Canada in a similar place with regards to representation of women in Canada’s Parliament.

With between 101 and 105 women headed to the House of Commons as Members of Parliament; this is likely to keep Canada’s ranking between 50th and 60th place ranking in the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) global rankings of women in national parliaments. While Equal Voice is glad to see this number of women and gender diverse people return to Ottawa, the priority remains on electing more women and gender diverse people in the future and raise Canada’s ranking from the dismal current 60th place ranking. The results show that there is more work to be done to push Canada forward towards achieving gender parity in Canada’s Parliament.

“Equal Voice is pleased to see that today that over a hundred ridings will be the represented by women in the House of Commons,” said Eleanor Fast, Equal Voice’s Executive Director. “Particularly given that Canada and the world is emerging from a pandemic that has disproportionately impacted women, seeing this type of representation remain consistent throughout these challenging times will be critical for policy and decision-making regarding Canada’s economic recovery.”  

This year, 43% of candidates across the major parties were women or gender diverse people. This compares closely with the 42% of women and gender diverse candidates in 2019. As a result, seeing 30% of these candidates actually be elected compared closely to the 29% seen in 2019 shows again the consistency between this election and the previous 2019 election for representation of women in federal politics. This shows us that at least one part of electing more women overall is working with all Canadian political parties also to nominate more women and diverse candidates from the beginning of the election process.

 “In 2021 we are marking the 100th anniversary of the first woman MP being elected to the House of Commons and we are pleased to see that over a hundred women will be seated in the House this year to mark this anniversary,” continued Fast. “However, the fact that it has taken 100 years to elect over a hundred women and gender diverse MPs also shows us how much faster Canada needs to move forward in order to achieve gender parity.”

As Canada looks towards economic recovery from a pandemic that has disproportionately impacted women and gender diverse people across Canada and the world, Equal Voice is pleased to see that the previous representation Canada had of women and gender diverse people will be maintained around these decision-making tables at such a critical point in history.

While Equal Voice this continued level of representation is important, our organization remains focused on striving to continue to take steps towards gender parity in Canadian politics. Equal Voice looks forward to working with all political parties, our partners, and women and gender diverse people across Canada to achieve this ultimate goal in elections to come.


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