By taking part in the DOV program, you will...


  • Delegates are provided the opportunity to learn more about Canada’s political institutions and processes.
  • Delegates will take part in workshops, panels, trainings, and other key activities to gain a practical understanding of, and to develop key skills for working and engaging in, politics.
  • Delegates will learn about the challenges and barriers women, particularly those belonging to diverse communities, face in politics, and how to foster systemic change to make political institutions more accessible to women, in all of their diversity.


  • Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from, and meet with, a variety of elected officials, parliamentarians, and party representatives, from all political parties and from different levels of government.
  • Delegates will engage with one another, as well as past delegates of the program, and develop key relationships with their peers and other like-minded young women and gender-diverse people.


  • Delegates will gain valuable hands-on experience engaging with elected officials from all political parties, the media, and other organizations leading the way towards increased women’s representation in politics.

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