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As a non-profit organization, Equal Voice depends on the generosity of like-minded partners and supporters who believe equal representation matters.

Through your gift to Equal Voice, you’re helping us change the political landscape to make equal representation possible. Your donation supports our work to ensure women are dynamic and equal participants at EVERY political decision making table in the country.

On behalf of our entire team, THANK YOU for donating Equal Voice. To learn more about your impact across Canada and the work you are helping us fund, click here.


Why do people across the country support Equal Voice?

Women. Men. Gender diverse folks. From all political parties and from all parts of the country, people are inspired to support the Equal Voice because like us, they believe Canada needs more women in politics now more than ever.

Equal Voice is the only non-profit in North America that works with and engages directly with all political parties to elect more women to all levels of government.


Individual Donors

“When you are supporting Equal Voice, you are doing both: you are making a financial donation and you are also giving your moral support. By taking a stand on an issue, you're saying this is important, and that is really crucial. I don't see us moving the needle significantly unless we talk about it. So we have to talk about women in politics. This is important. We need to see change.“

- Wanda Deschamps. Founder of Liberty Co, entrepreneur, and inclusion advocate.


Corporate Partners

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Is your company interested in helping us advance equal representation in Canadian politics? Learn about the ways that you can get involved.

For more information regarding corporate partnership opportunities with Equal Voice, please contact: Paola Gonzalez, Fundraising Manager.


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