Delegate Selection and Ridings

How were delegates selected to represent a riding?


Applications were reviewed for : Leadership, Resiliency, Community Engagement, and Impact in their Community. In competitive ridings, 4 individuals trained in ARAO reviewed and scored each application – the final score was an accumulation of all 4 totals. Where applications were ranked equally, reviewers assessed applications based on who would most benefit from the program and/or contribute a unique perspective to the program. 

How were delegates recruited?


A number of strategies were used to recruit applicants. Equal Voice engaged with the following groups: 

  • Members of Parliament and their staff;
  • Elected officials at the provincial level; 
  • Members of the Senate; 
  • Equal Voice social media channels;
  • EV members, national Board of Directors, and Chapters; 
  • Past delegates and applicants from 2017 and 2019; 
  • Community organizations and associations across Canada; 
  • Universities and colleges - including direct asks to professors in various subjects.

Where can I find a list of delegates?


Delegates were given the option to have their profile posted publicly; However, this is not mandatory. Delegate profiles will be available to the public at in the coming weeks.

Why are some delegates ‘Delegate-at-Large’ and what makes this designation different?


Since DOV will be entirely virtual this year as a result of the ongoing pandemic, we were able to accept a few more talented and inspiring women into the program beyond the 338 limit we had for previous programs. ‘Delegate-at-Large’ participants will have a similar experience as delegates representing a riding.  At large delegates will have an opportunity to participate as an MP in model committees, but will not be eligible to be one of the 30 delegates chosen to speak on the virtual House of Commons day.

Do I need to inform anyone if I can’t make a session?


Please contact [email protected] if you are unable to make a session.

Do I get to speak in the Virtual House of Commons?


A total 30 delegates will be selected to speak during the Virtual House of Commons Day. Unfortunately, as a result of time constraints, requests to add additional speaking spots will not be accepted.

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