Delaney Coelho

Manitoba Chapter Co-Chair

Delaney Coelho

Delaney Coelho is a Investigator with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. She is a of graduate of the University of Manitoba, with a Bachelor's degree in Political Studies. She previously worked for the Government of Manitoba in a political advisory role for the Minister of Jobs and the Economy and the Minister of Family Services. Delaney has a background in community development, organizing and working with non-profits. In 2016, she attended the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women and organized a panel discussing women in the workforce and the contemporary barriers and responses from Canada. She has been involved in a variety of organizations dedicated to women and youth empowerment in a variety of sectors including Elizabeth Fry Society, Sarasvati Productions, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Winnipeg, Career Trek Inc, and Girl Guides of Canada. Delaney was named one of CBC Manitoba's Future 40 Under 40 for the works she does in her community. 

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