This week in Ottawa, Equal Voice hosted 338 Daughters of the Vote delegates who are now returning home after representing their ridings in the House of Commons. This initiative was created to provide young women between the ages of 18 to 23 with the opportunity to use their diverse voices and share their vision for Canada with the goal of electing more women to political office.

Highlights of the Daughters of the Vote 2019 program included an Indigenous forum, workshops, speakers, and panelists from all political parties and various organizations on topics including municipal politics, working behind the scenes, political journalism, campaigns, and social media engagement.

In the year to come, all delegates are eligible to receive up to $1000 from the Rosemary Speirs Leadership Grant, a new component of the program. This new and exciting initiative provides direct funds to young women and gender non-conforming leaders across Canada to accelerate advocacy efforts in their local communities. The grant is named in honour of Dr. Rosemary Speirs, a celebrated Canadian journalist and the founding chair of Equal Voice.

As an organization dedicated to electing more women to office across party lines, Equal Voice supports and encourages the voices of women to be heard in our political institutions and in their communities. We are proud of delegates for their meaningful participation and for their engagement in all parts of the program, and look forward to seeing their future successes. Equal Voice extends its sincerest thank you to the elected officials, political parties, the Government of Canada, and our many corporate and community sponsors for their generosity and for embracing Equal Voice’s mission, and supporting Daughters of the Vote in 2019.

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