What costs are NOT covered for delegates who are selected?


Equal Voice is not in a position to cover the following expenses.:

  • Lost wages for time off work.
  • General spending money for souvenirs or other personal items.
  • Travel to Ottawa from outside of Canada. (If you are currently residing outside of Canada, you are responsible for all costs and time associated with returning to either Ottawa or to your home riding in Canada ahead of the program, as well as your return).
  • Travel and accommodation for dependents/partners/spouses/parents, except where there is an accessibility need. This will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Medical or travel insurance for participating delegates.
  • Medications or supplements (prescription or over the counter medicines).
  • Costs associated with non-program activities (i.e. if delegates choose to attend a non-program related event while in Ottawa).
  • Taxis/travel costs to get you to and from the airport/bus/train from your hometown, except where there is an accessibility need.

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