Join other Canadians who are committed to fighting for equal representation in government.


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Across Canada, Equal Voice chapters are in action bringing women and men together to elect more women at all levels of government. Find your closest chapter and then get connected.

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Equal Voice is a member-based organization. Our members include women, men and non-binary folks from every region of Canada and every political party. What brings us together is a vision of a fairer Canada. Becoming an Equal Voice costs only $50/year, $10/year for students, seniors and low-income folks, and shows your commitment to building a fairer Canada.

Take Action.

In 2018, Equal Voice launched EVIE, the first chatbot designed to help Canadians take action in getting more women elected. EVIE will help you connect with and support woman candidates in nearby ridings. It doesn’t require a membership or any special technology other than a smart phone with the Messenger app installed.


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