Congratulations to the Legislative Assembly of Yukon!

Congratulations to the Legislative Assembly of Yukon that recently moved to enact their own Respectful Conduct Policy, which will help create a safe and respectful work environment for MLAs, staff, and the general public. Equal Voice (EV) was pleased to work with key stakeholders and provide valuable input on this positive initiative. 

The policy includes many components that are in line with EV's recommendations for harassment policies in provincial and territorial legislatures, including: 

  • Providing clear guidelines for filing a disrespectful conduct complaint;
  • Ensuring all the current MLAs will receive a mandatory training;
  • Producing annual statistical reports providing data to the Members’ Services Board, the governing committee;
  • Including a confidentiality clause to protect all persons involved in any investigation;
  • Applying the policy to all locations, including those used for legislative work, constituency work, and social gatherings;


EV will be continuing its work with the Legislative Assembly of Yukon, and providing best-practices and recommendations for the training component of the policy. We thank EV's own Cherie Wong for her important work on this file. 

You can view the Respectful Conduct Policy approved by the Members' Services Board, an all-party committee of the Legislative Assembly, as of June 12th, 2019:

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