Chenthoori Malankov

National Director-at-Large

Chenthoori Malankov

Chenthoori Malankov is a daughter of the Thamil diaspora she is a care-giver, artivist and grassroots organizer from Toronto with a Bachelor’s degree from York University in Sociology & Womyn Studies. Utilizing alternative platforms such as arts, education models she designs and facilitates workshops with METRAC a violence against women and youth prevention organization, in schools through out Toronto on issues revolving around gender base violence.

Chenthoori has been on a six city tour throughout the United States with the Heartbeats: The IZZAT Project, which is an expressive arts project in which young South Asian women use illustration, writing and theatre to explore and share community stories about resilience in the face of violence.

Chenthoori is currently the President of the York Federation of Students, representing 53,000 undergraduate students. She has numerous levels of experience organizing and mobilizing on campus events, forums and workshops for the needs of all students.

During her undergraduate studies at York University, Chenthoori served on the University's Senate representing the undergraduate student body from 2016 to 2017, and has extensive work experience in political and public service.

She was previously employed by Elections Canada during the provincial elections in Etobicoke North, as well as represented Canada at the UN in foreign affairs and forced marriage policy. In addition she is mentoring young women to get involved in politics and has a thorough understanding of the political and parliamentary processes.

Chenthoori is motivated, dedicated and determine to advocate for an equal voice for women in all areas of life.

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