Board of Directors - Elections 2019

Equal Voice is a member-driven organization with the mandate of getting more women and gender non-conforming Canadians elected to all levels of government.

There are many ways you can become involved! Attend an event, become a member, make a donation or take this opportunity to apply for nomination for the National Board of Directors.

Equal Voice is seeking experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds as candidates for election to a two-year term on the Board of Directors. Directors dedicate approximately ten hours a month to the Board and its committees, may attend one in-person Board meeting a year dependent on available funds, and participate regularly in reviewing and providing advice on policy matters via e-mail or phone.

Equal Voice is particularly looking for Board Directors with experience in:

  • Fundraising
  • Legal expertise
  • Governance
  • Communications
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Strategic planning

The next Equal Voice Board of Directors will be elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting on September 22, 2019, via virtual meeting. In order to vote and/or run – you must be a member!

Equal Voice Board of Director Nomination Information Package

Equal Voice Expression of Interest Form - Board of Directors

Equal Voice By-laws

Minutes - AMM 2018

Minutes - SMM 2019

Agenda - AMM 2019


Nicole Foster

Nicole Foster - Candidate - Past-Chair

Candidate - Past-Chair

Esmahan Razavi

Candidate - Director (British Columbia)

Candidate - Director (British Columbia)

Sonia Kont

Sonia Kont - Candidate - Director (Alberta)

Candidate - Director (Alberta)

Tessa Ritter

Tessa Ritter

Candidate - Director (Saskatchewan) 

Kenzie Caldwell

Kenzie Calwell

Candidate - Director (Manitoba)

Yaelle Gang

Yaelle Gang - Candidate - Director (Ontario)

Candidate - Director (Ontario)

Heather Watson

Heather Watson - Candidate - Director (Ontario)

Candidate - Director (Ontario)

Safae Ahbib

Safae Ahbib - Candidate - Director (Quebec)

Candidate - Director (Quebec)

Eleni Bakopanos

Eleni Bakopanos - Candidate - Director (Quebec)

Candidate - Director (Quebec)


Lia Renaud

Lia Renaud - Candidate - Director (Nova Scotia)

Candidate - Director (Nova Scotia)

Tracee Smith

Tracee Smith - Candidate - Director-at-large

Candidate - Director-at-large

Jaimie Boyd

Jaimie Boyd - Candidate - Director-at-large

Candidate - Director-at-large

Ally Grant

Ally Grant - Candidate

Candidate - Director-at-large

Madi Murariu

Madi Murariu - Candidate - Director-at-large

Candidate - Director-at-large

Jo-Anne Stead

Jo-Anne Stead

Candidate - Director-at-large

Sharmila Setaram

Sharmila Setaram - Candidate - Director-at-large

Candidate - Director-at-large

Shubha Sandill

Shubha Sandill - Candidate - Director-at-large

Candidate - Director-at-large

Thoren Hudyma

Thoren Hudyma - Candidate - Director-at-large

Candidate - Director-at-large

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