The Honourable Flora MacDonald

The Honourable Flora MacDonald

On Monday, March 26th, 2006 Flora was presented with Equal Voice’s EVE Award.

Flora began her career in the Prime Minister’s Office for John Diefenbaker. She later went on to win a seat in Parliament serving the Kingston and the Islands riding from 1972 until her defeat in 1988. In 1976, she was the first women to mount a serious campaign for Progress Conservative Party leadership. Appointed Secretary of State for External Affairs in 1979, Flora became the first woman in Canadian history to serve in that position as well as one of the first female foreign ministers anywhere in the world. She later went on to serve as Minister of Employment and Immigration and Minister of Communications.

Since leaving politics in 1989, Flora has been involved in a range of human rights and environmental activities in Canada and around the globe. She is Chair of Future Generations, an American nonprofit educational institution focusing on the process of equitable and sustainable community change. She has also been a member of the Advisory Council of the Canadian Council for Refugees, CARE Canada, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative and UNICEF. In 1999, Hon. Flora MacDonald was awarded the Pearson Peace Medal and, in 2004, she was the first Canadian ever to be honored with the government of India's prestigious Padma Shri Award for her social development work there.

The award recognizes Flora’s pioneering efforts on behalf of women in politics, not only as an MP and Cabinet Minister, but as a candidate for her party’s leadership during which time she captured the imagination of women across the country.

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