Eva Aariak

Eva Aariak

On 27 Oct 2008, Eva Aariak became the only woman elected to Nunavut's 17-seat Legislative Assembly, and on 14 Nov 2008 she was chosen by her peers in the legislature as Nunavut's second premier. 


Family story:


Her early years were spent immersed in the natural rhythms of a community and a rich culture sustained by the Arctic environment. Like many of today’s Inuit leaders, she travelled south for higher education to schools in Churchill, Manitoba and in Ontario. (Official Nunavut site)


Former occupations:  


(In)formal political beginnings: 


Highlights/Claims to fame: 


Intended Legacy:  


‘Completing the map of Canada’:  Recognizing that the project of nation-building is unfinished she wants to see Nunavut strengthen its ties with the rest of the country, while reclaiming the self-sufficiency that characterized the Inuit way of life for centuries.  (Source: http://www.premier.gov.nu.ca/apps/authoring/dspPage.aspx?page=biography)



This Premier's profile is part of EV's summer news series on the occasion of the annual Premiers' meeting at Niagara on the Lake in July 2013. This year, a historic six women premiers were at the table representing nearly half of all Premiers. Read more here.