Alexa McDonough, M.P.

Member of Parliament for Halifax, former leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, and former leader of the Nova Scotia NDP

Alexa McDonough, M.P.

Member of Parliament for Halifax- June, 1997 to Present

NDP Foreign Affairs and International Development Critic
Leader of Canada's New Democrats -1995 - 2003
Leader of the Nova Scotia New Democrats -1981-1994
Member of Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly - 1981 - 1995

Born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1944, Alexa McDonough is a proud mother of grown sons, Justin and Travis, and grandmother to five beautiful grandchildren.

Alexa McDonough graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology in 1965 and completed her Masters in Social Work in 1967.

She worked as a social worker, social policy researcher, developed and taught a graduate program in social policy, social administration and community development, and was even a reporter before becoming Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP in 1980, Canada's first woman elected to lead a major party in a provincial legislature.

In 1997, Alexa McDonough became:

The first New Democrat elected to Parliament from the mainland of Nova Scotia;
The first NDP leader to win federal seats in New Brunswick; and
The first NDP leader to win a majority of Nova Scotia seats.
She also returned her party to official party status, electing 21 MPs from across Canada.

In 2006, Alexa McDonough became:

The first woman to win four consecutive federal terms in Nova Scotia
The first woman and second MP (since Gordon B. Isnor) to win four consecutive federal terms in Halifax
The only woman elected in Atlantic Canada in the 39th federal election.

Alexa McDonough's activism started at the age of fourteen, initiating through her church youth group, an outreach and day camp program to children and families of African Canadian families who were struggling with racial barriers and exclusion in her own province of Nova Scotia. Throughout her adult life she has supported and participated in dozens of advocacy and social action groups, human rights organizations, and professional associations.

She has also received numerous awards for her peace advocacy work, her contributions to the Arab-Canadian community, and the 2003 Results Canada Political Leadership Award "in recognition of her outstanding leadership in the fight against global poverty and disease."

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