Alberta South

Fun Facts

Women in Provincial Legislature

Alison Redford: First Woman Premier of Alberta

Women Mayors across all Municipalities

Virnetta Anderson: First Black Woman elected to Municipal Council in Calgary

Women MPs from Alberta

Teresa Woo-Paw: First Chinese Canadian Woman MLA in Alberta


Based in Calgary, the Alberta South Chapter has been active since its founding in 2004. A diverse membership base is available to enhance the chapter's commitment to providing those women who are seeking or serving in elected office with relevant networking and other opportunities. Chapter members and supporters live and work in all areas within the geographic region of southern Alberta (between Red Deer and the US border).

Founded in 2005 by Frances Wright and Janice Kinch, the outgoing Alberta South chapter chair is Stephanie Kusie and the incoming interim chair is Lisa Skierka.

Historically, the the chapter's executive committee includes a variety of women who are committed to working across party lines to advance women's representation at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.

The two principal purposes of this chapter are to:

  1. Host and organise public events to increase awareness about the significant under-representation of women in the federal/provincial/municipal Canadian political sphere;
  2. to encourage political parties and grassroots organisations to nominate and elect more women for all levels of political office.

Equal Voice Alberta South works to influence each major political party to ensure that they make a credible effort to promote the participation of women in politics, and to help women secure nominations and win elections.

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