Fun Facts

Women in Provincial Legislature

Alison Redford: First Woman Premier of Alberta

Women Mayors across all Municipalities

Virnetta Anderson: First Black Woman elected to Municipal Council in Calgary

Women MPs from Alberta

Teresa Woo-Paw: First Chinese Canadian Woman MLA in Alberta


The Equal Voice Calgary Chapter has an active Steering Committee. Throughout the year our local, multi-partisan Committee executes events and programming to raise awareness about the need for more women in positions of power, to encourage women to run for politics and to support & celebrate women in politics. Recent initiatives have included a partnership with the City of Calgary to develop a Model City Council program for high school-aged girls, hosting an event with Facebook aimed at combating online harassment of elected women, and the delivery of training sessions for young women interested in running for office.


Steering Committee Members:

Shannon Hazlett – Chair

Jessica Chawrun - Vice-Chair

Corina Skavberg – Director of Finance

Amber Griffith – Committee Member

Annalise Klingbeil – Committee Member

Allison MacDonald – Committee Member

Dhuha Nader – Committee Member

Ruhee Ismail-Teja – Committee Member

Zoe Keirstead – Committee Member

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