Alanis Ortiz Espinoza - Director at Large

My name is Alanis Ortiz Espinoza, and I am a Panamanian/Canadian law graduate and soon-to-be lawyer.

Equal Voice has helped me immensely, in March, I was selected to represent Brampton Centre, as a Delegate in the Daughters of the Vote Initiative, and later I received a grant from Equal Voice to start an initiative on my own. I am now the founder of Legal Mentorship by Alanis, a support system dedicated to supporting pre-law/law students interested in becoming licensed lawyers in Ontario. I have received a lot of support from Equal Voice and would love to give back.

As a Director at Large, I would love to contribute my skills in the Legal and Equity sectors. I studied Political Science and Equity Studies at the University of Toronto and graduated with a law degree at the University of Leicester. I am a Legal Intern at J17 Capital, and my other roles include Director at the Canadian Hispanic Bar Association, Secretary at the Ontario Bar Association – Student Section Executive, Advocacy Committee Member at the Women’s Law Association of Ontario, and Governance Committee Member at Hispanotech.

Due to my wonderful experience as a Daughters of the Vote Delegate and my love and passion for supporting my community, I would be absolutely honored to be a Director at Large with Equal Voice so that I can continue to advocate in the key areas of Legal and Equity.

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