Be Her. Support Her. Celebrate Her.


Be Her.

While we have made great strides, women continue to be underrepresented in Parliament, provincial/territorial legislatures and around municipal council tables. We need more women interested in running for office. If you are thinking in getting into politics, Equal Voice is here to support you.

Support Her.

In 2018, the following candidates used Equal Voice to help get their message out. Connect with Equal Voice to find amazing women to support in the 2019 election—or to find out how you can use Equal Voice to support your campaign.


Voting is the easiest way to make a difference. Exercise your right to vote. Find out more about voting at

Encourage others to vote on election day.

Drive a friend to the polls or lend a helping hand to friends with children to make sure they get out and vote.


If there's a campaign going on in your riding, municipality, or province/territory, consider volunteering for a local candidate that you like. Campaigns need people to call potential voters, put up signs and posters, knock on doors, drop off flyers, fundraise, answer phones, attend rallies and election events. Elected officials often need volunteers in their constituency offices as well to help with organizing and attending events as well as answering phones. Just drop in and ask if you can be of assistance.

Celebrate Her

We need more champions of women in politics. And we need to celebrate and honour outstanding women in politics across our country. With Equal Voice, you can do both.

Help us make it happen.

To continue to advocate and to organize, we need your help.
Your donation—whatever the size—goes to helping us continue get the message out.